29 April 2021

Tomix old transistor controller, DU-1


I got Tomix's transistor controller and power unit. There was no guarantee, but it works fine.

Tomix 5015 Transistor Controller

Tomix 5040 Adapter Unit

Check the inside. Using a transformer for power unit is now an old design.
Inside of #5015

Inside of #5040


I drew schematic.

Schematic of #5015

Schematic of #5040

1 comment:

  1. It has been more than half a year since you purchased this transistor controller. How does it work after a while? As far as I understand, you bought this device off hand, because there is no warranty.
    I am interested in the longevity of such a device and if there are any problems with it. If you find some time, please describe your experience.