4 July 2020

Battery eliminator for Yaesu HT

注文していたものが中国から到着。価格は送料込みで$8.39。Yaesu FT3D用のバッテリー・エリミネーターで、バッテリーの代わりに装着して外部電源からの電源供給に使用できるもの。
Battery eliminator for Yaesu FT3D has been arrived from China. The price is $8.39 including shipping fee. This device can supply power from external power source instead of a battery.
Battery eliminator

The thickness is the same as SBR-14LI battery. I wonder that this device is made by taking out battery cells of SBR-14LI.
Side view

シガー・プラグに電源(DC 12V)を接続すると8V程度の電圧だった。降圧回路が入っているのかもしれない。
When the power (DC 12V) is supplied from the cigar plug, the voltage is about DC 8V. It may have step-down circuit.

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