24 June 2020

Making of the kerchunk server kit KS-01 (1)

カーチャンク・サーバーのキットを入手。頒布元は http://project59.blog.fc2.com
I got a kit of the kerchunk server that is named KS-01 from http://project59.blog.fc2.com.

I examined using the TAKACHI M12-3-12(MB-62) for storing the kit. Unfortunately the height of the case is a little lower than the height of LCD parts.
There is no choice from ready-made lineup, I decided to make a custom order. The size is 120(W)*120(D)*30(H).

Status LEDs, LCD and buttons for operation are placed on the front panel in the custom case. The location of parts is tentative now.
Placement in the case

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